Budget Woes Continue for Richmond County Schools

Budget Woes Continue for Richmond County Schools (Image 1)

The Richmond County Schools budget debate continues and Superintendent Frank Roberson says this year, they're taking a different approach to balancing the books. He says, “we actually involved the school base personnel to help us identify places to cut or to reduce spending.”

Dr. Roberson says teachers and principals helped decide what schools could do with or without — putting some paraprofessional positions being on the list of cuts. But at the last meeting, board members say they got a surprise proposal for more cuts.
Frank Dolan, a Richmond County School Board Member, explains “adding two high paid employees downtown who never see children, versus having 7 or 8 parapros for the $150,000.”

Dolan says he doesn't understand the human resource department's proposal to add when positions are being cut.

“The argument would be made: 'well we have so much new regulations to keep up with'. Welcome to the world. So does private business. So do private banks,” he states.

Dolan says in these tough times no one department should get special treatment. He believes that there's a more effective way for the board to handle their issues.

Dolan adds, “we're gonna have to use whatever we have to work with to comply with the regulations.”

The Superintendent says any talk of adding new H-R jobs is premature.

When asked 'if you're cutting these jobs, how do you justify bringing in two new HR people?  Dr. Roberson responds, “we have decided we're not hiring any new positions until we get the budget finalized.”

Dr. Roberson says the Richmond County School Board will discuss the budget at their next general meeting, and should approve the budget by the end of the month.

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