Charles Nagle Finishes His Last Day As Columbia County’s School Superintendent

It's the last day on the job for Columbia County Superintendent Charles Nagle. After 37 years in the school system, and serving more than 5 as superintendent, Nagle is retiring.

Before sitting behind his desk at the Columbia County Board of Education, he had several positions in the schools. Straight out of college, he worked as a coach, then a teacher, and finally a middle school principal.

Although Nagle's leaving, he says he won't be completely retiring. One job will involve his grandkids.

“I have a couple of grandchildren to chase. I'll try to stay up with them. They're very active. Also, my wife and I like to travel. We're looking forward to some relax time,” Nagle says.

Dr. Sarah Carroway will be taking over the position Nagle is vacating. She will sworn in on Tuesday, June 25th. Her first official day as Superintendent will be July 1st.

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