Could Nasal Spray Save Marriages?

Could Nasal Spray Save Marriages? (Image 1)

What if there was a magic drug that could have saved the marriage of even that doomed couple in “The War Of The Roses”, or something that would might have helped Carrie and Big figure it out a whole lot sooner on “Sex and the City”?

And what if…just what if…Cupid's arrow came in the form of a nose spray?

Cecilia Vega, reporting: “Do you think you would take it…if it was out there and available?” “Uh, I don't know about that!” says Staci and Sonny Vanhook.

A team of researchers is asking if a spray containing the hormone oxytocin and, yes, shot into the nose…a straight path to the brain…may be the answer to living happily ever after.

“I wouldn't go out looking for a prescription for oxytocin nasal spray, at this point, if your marriage is in trouble. But, it'll definitely be an area of ongoing research,” says ABC News senior medical contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

Some studies have found that oxytocin levels increase when couples cuddle! But, can this love potion actually save a marriage?

“Sounds too be good to be true,” says Kathleen Francis.

“Sounds too good to be true? Would you buy it if you, uh, if you could? If it proved that…” we asked Francis and Lemal Danes. “If they prove that…if it proves that it's going to work or there was a high percentage that it would work, then I might,” Francis says.

“Would you?” we asked John Vicino and Ceara Cates. “No. That's weird! (laughs) No way!” they answered.

“How big of a bottle do you think you would need in order to get a happy marriage out of something like this?” we asked Gordon and Carina Arthur. “I wouldn't believe it comes in a bottle,” Gordon answered. “No,” answered Carina. “Love doesn't come in a bottle?” we asked. “No,” said Gordon.

It has been called nature's love glue…a cuddle wonder drug. Could it really be romance in a bottle like this?

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