WJBF Helps Family Get Flooding Answers

WJBF Helps Family Get Flooding Answers (Image 1)

Last night we showed you an Edgefield County family whose backyard is now a pond – but not a pleasant one.

“We used to live on a beach in Florida,” Eddie Woods says. “Not like this. It was nice water.  This is not welcomed.”

And the bigger problem isn't what it looks like, but what's in it.

“The water I can live with, the disease and bugs and stuff I can't,” he says.

The water is spawning all sorts of undesirables, snakes, frogs, and tadpoles.

We reached out to Edgefield County to help the couple get help.

“I found out this morning on television, and my boss sent me straight down here,” says Guy Mueller, a storm water specialist with Edgefield County.

Bright and early.  Mueller says he understands why the family feels like they're over their boots, and heads in fixing this flood.

“This is not normal,” he says.  “I've been here 12 years, this is the first time I've seen this.”

He walked the property and confirms that nearly an acre and a half is underwater.  He thinks that this water came from Highway 25 which is at a higher elevation.

He says he's going to try to get help.  The homeowners say they're cautiously optimistic, but waiting both stinks and stings.

“You were covered in mosquitoes in two minutes,” Mueller says.

“We spray constantly on our bodies, then you have to keep spraying, we should own stock in Johnson and Johnson,” his wife Patty Rabon adds.

And while the county is working hard to get help, when I called DHEC, they said they don't deal with mosquito vector control, they just help after disease happens.  Their suggestion, to call a pest control service.  And like Eddie said Wednesday:

“To call a pest control service, they could come and spray the trees, I have a forest,” he says.

Edgefield County cannot take care of the mosquito spraying itself because they do not have the budget for a truck.

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