Augusta Firefighter Taking Criticism After Tweet

Augusta Firefighter Taking Criticism After Tweet (Image 1)

A tweet has landed an Augusta firefighter in hot water. It all started when a 10-year-old mexican-american boy sang the national anthem before game 3 of the NBA finals.

As the ten year-old boy was singing the national anthem on Tuesday night, the Augusta firefighter sent out a controversial tweet. That tweet has gained national attention with several news outlets, including CNN. Now, Augusta officials are investigating the matter.

10-year-old Sebastian de la Cruz belted out the national anthem on Tuesday night, but his moment in the spotlight was overshadowed by several racist comments on twitter, including one from an Augusta firefighter.

Andre Lacey tweeted, “how you signing the anthem looking like an illegal immigrant.” People on twitter assume he meant to say singing. The controversial tweet now has Lacey under fire.

“Let me assure you that the comments of one individual do not reflect the feelings or the position of the city of Augusta or the majority of our people here, I wouldn't think,” says Augusta City Administrator Fred Russell.

Lacey's twitter page has since been deleted. We called Lacey and went to his house to get his side of the story, but he didn't answer.

But soon, he may have to answer to his managers. Some on twitter are calling for him to be fired.

“The balance between the gentleman's right to have his own opinion and whether or not he's doing so in a way that would reflect badly upon the fire department and ourselves. That's what we are trying to determine at the moment,” says Russell.

Reporters in Texas spoke with Sebastien about the negativity.

“It's their opinion actually and if they don't like mariachi. That's their
problem. I love it,” says Sebastien.

Some say that Lacey didn't do anything wrong because he was just stating his opinion. However, his Twitter profile listed him as an Augusta Firefighter.

“Facebook has been an issue, not only world wide, but you know, people need to recognize the fact that while everybody has a right to their opinion, words can hurt and words can sting. If you represent yourself as a representative of some group or whatever, and take on more than your personal opinion, then their might be some repercussions for that,” says Russell.

On Wednesday, Sebestien took to twitter saying, “Please do not pay attention to the negative people. I am an American living the American Dream. This is part of the American life.”

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