Barricades Are Meant To Be Barriers

With recent rains, some roads have flooded out and are barricaded off.

But, the Aiken County Emergency Services director says some people are trying to go around those barricades and putting themselves in serious danger.

He says that even if the road looks safe, it's barricaded off for a reason.  The road can wash out underneath, and that may not be visible to the naked eye.

“The ones that are closed now are literally undermined,” Aiken County Emergency Services director Tommy Thompson says. “Barricades are set up and even though it looks safe there's no support under it. Barricades are set up to warn you of the danger there.  Please do not go around these barricades, they are there for a reason.”

He says people often think they know a road, and choose to dodge the barricade rather than taking a detour.

Thompson recommends checking SC DOT for the latest road closures.


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