South Augusta Pool Earns More Health Code Violations

Mattie Robinson says she
has to cover her son and grandchild in extra strength bug repellant every time
they go outside.

That's because the home
across the street from hers is violating several health codes.

The Health Department says
the overgrown pool in the home's backyard can produce up to 750,000 mosquitoes
in one season.

Robinson explains,”I'm
looking around everywhere, because you never know, you never know!”

What's a worse, slithering
snakes are prone to shaded areas. Knowing this– Robinson called us for help,
specifically to look out for her handicapped son.

“He doesn't really
recognize danger. We were playing in the back and last night we saw two snakes,”
she says.

Earlier this week,
Robinson called Richmond County Code Enforcement. Workers with that department
thought the home was vacant, and turned the case over to the state Health
Department.  Today, News Channel 6's
cameras saw a person sitting on the front porch of the home, so we called Code
Enforcement again.

Courtney Elledge reporting,
“They came here again for an initial investigation and found that this home is
actually not vacant. It's been occupied for the past two months.”

The Code Enforcement
manager says she talked to the son of the homeowners, who was inside the home
while we were there.

She says they'll issue
citations for health code violations. 
The homeowners will have seven days to fix those problems, or they'll be
taken to court.

Pam Constable explains,
“We have not made and inside inspection of the building. We have only cited the
exterior repairs that are needed, the over growth and vegetation and pool are
included in that notice.”

For the next two days,
Constable says city crews will clean up some of the overgrowth in the pool.

Money for that is already
part of Code Enforcement's budget. But it will be the
homeowners' responsibility to renovate that pool or fill it in with concrete.

Constible says code enforcement will try to do a walk-through of the home sometime in the next 48 hours to see if there are more violations.  Until then, they're asking neighbors to stay away the property.



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