Siler’s NBA Dream Still Alive

Siler's NBA Dream Still Alive (Image 1)

Garret Siler's name will forever be attached to the great Augusta State basketball teams that contended for National Championships in the late 2000's.

Since graduating from ASU, Siler's dream of playing professionally has seem him make stops all around the world. After a brief stint with the Phoenix Suns in 2011- Siler spent time in the D-League, and overseas in China and Puerto Rico.

Siler says his low-post offense improved greatly while playing international competition, and hopes to convince scouts that he's ready to go up against the world's best in the NBA.

“In China, you had to develop a low post game,” Siler said. “If you don't score a lot the team doesn't have a good chance of winning and so it definitely helped my offensive prowess.”

In July, Siler will head to summer leagues in Orlando with the Utah Jazz and then in Las Vegas with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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