What Augustans Say Father’s Day is All About

What Augustans Say Father's Day is All About (Image 1)

Treva Odell,  an Augusta resident  says, “it’s not about the gifts, it’s all about the appreciation of a
man of their father.”

“It’s not all
about money, it’s the sentimental value of the gift,” says resident, Tiffany Brannen,

Another resident, Fran Garcia, says Father’s Day is about
“just showing love and appreciation.”

Loving and appreciating the
father-figure in your life is what these women say Father’s Day is all about.
Like most holidays, the day has become more commercial and attached to giving
gifts. After some digging, I found a list on http://www.abcnews.com of the
top gifts for any budget. The gifts range from lottery tickets to a ‘bucket
list’ vacation.

Tiffany Brannen says she
hopes that her gift to her father will invoke a memory which is the number two
gift on ABC’s list of gift ideas for budgets big and small.

That list also includes giving
dad a dream, pampering him, giving dad bragging rights and upgrading things he
uses; all gifts ranging from ten to a thousand bucks. But Brannen already had
her gift in mind.

Brannen explains, “I think a nice picture in a frame would be the best father’s day

She says she doesn’t have a lot
of money, but wants her father to know he is appreciated. Brannen says, just
like ABC, she believes in giving gifts that are practical and memorable. “I usually ask
him if there’s anything he needs. He owns his own shop. So, whatever tools he
might want.”

Regardless the thought or gift, Brannen says she hopes every
father feels special on Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day again, from us here at Television Park.

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