Heery Lowers It’s Fee To Get Contract Extension

Commission To Vote On Downtown Safety Plan (Image 1)

Heery International is looking for more time on the job, overseeing sales tax projects,   but some commissioners say a one point six million dollar contract extension doesn't work.

:There's a little fat sometime that might be in there after they have had this contract and have experienced what they've experienced there ought to be ways they can see now that they can trim off a little bit,” says Commissioner Grady Smith.

Heery is prepared to do some trimming according to a letter to the city administrator the company will cut $188 thousand dollars or 11 percent  off its proposal and do away with its annual four percent contract increase.

“This is what we wanted we wanted to look at the best price possible we wanted to make sure those key things that I talked about in that motion was looked at and that's what they did,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Corey Johnson.

Heery made the adjustment after meeting with the administrator, but as Marion Williams points out, the commission did not approve having the administrator meet with Heery about the contract.

The committee vote last week was a tie meaning no action was taken.

“I've got a problem with that who gave him the authority to go back and renegotiate   it came out of committee  two to two so there was no recommendation he don't know where he's going to go,” said Williams.

“They (Heery) brought it back to him so I don't think he stepped out of bounds he didn't initiate it they came to him,” said Johnson

Commissioner Williams doesn't like how Heery's price proposal got lower, but for others the result is on the bottom line.

“It doesn't bother me I want to do what's right, if somebody's ego got messed up I'm sorry, let's do what's right for the taxpayers of Richmond County,” said Smith.

Commissioners will vote on the contact extension at Tuesday's meeting, along with the extension commissioners will also vote to go out for proposals from other companies to serve as sales tax project manager.

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