Local Golfer’s Memory & Amazing Accomplishments Honored

Local Golfer's Memory & Amazing Accomplishments Honored (Image 1)

Thomson, GA (WJBF) — When John Alley passed away from ALS in January at the age of 77, his friends at Belle Meade Country Club in Thomson knew they had to do something to honor his memory and his amazing accomplishment.

They have placed a bench next to the tee box at the 17th hole. This 142 yard par 3 was John Alley's hole. He hit 11 hole-in-ones, just on that hole. His son estimated he hit about 16 total hole-in-ones in his career. Interestingly, his favorite golf feat was a double eagle and not his ridiculous number of aces.

John Alley wasn't just a great golfer. He also helped out around the course working on the irrigation system, doing work on the golf carts, and even some gardening. His motto was: “Tell me what you need, and I'll do it.”

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