Patch Proposal Blasted

When it comes to a new deal for the Patch for some commissioners the numbers are not adding up.

City leader debating contracting with First Tee of Augusta to run the city golf course.

Under the plan the city would make a two million dollar renovation of the course, and be responsible for any and all losses.

But if the course makes money the city would split the revenues fifty-fifty with first tee for some commissioners that's not par for the course.

“No when you go in partnership and you're fifty-fifty it's fifty-fifty on the good the bad and ugly, you know you don't pick and choose, on I'm going to take this and you're going to take that,that  partnership aint going to last long,” says Commissioner Grady Smith.

Commissioners will vote Tuesday whether to move forward to develop a plan to partner with First Tee.

First Tee is looking for a three year contract, with First Tee officials say once the course is renovated The Patch will make money after three years.

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