Wesley Spires Comes Home

Warning About Puppy Flipping (Image 1)

Mothers are known for protecting their children – but after being viciously beaten at the Riverwalk, Wesley Spires' first few thoughts in the hospital were focused on protecting his mother.

“He knew my phone number for them to call me, they said he said, 'Don't call momma, she'll be worried.'”

For the past month and a half, Gladys Spires' son has been in a hospital bed at Georgia Regents Medical Center.  And so that's where she's spent some of nearly every day, including Mother's Day.

“I happened to have my camera in the ICU and I asked the nurse, 'can I take a picture,' and she said yes.  That's going to mean a lot in years to come, just to have that.”

And even though Wesley wasn't yet awake to tell her Happy Mother's Day, her family made sure she had flowers.

“My brother said, 'There's some flowers in there for you.  They were from Wesley, and Wesley didn't even know he'd gotten them, but they were from Wesley for Mother's Day.”

Now she has something better than the best Mother's Day present- her son is at home on her couch. And while some parents may want their grown children out:

“I was thinking about him when I was eating some peanut butter this morning.  He can eat all the peanut butter out of the jar he wants to now. It feels good to have him here.”

She says they'll be taking it one day at a time with Wesley, prayers, and patience.

There will be a 5K to benefit Wesley and help with medical expenses this September. 

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