Augusta Leaders Taking Steps To Increase Safety Downtown, And On Augusta Riverwalk

City leaders are taking steps to increase security in downtown Augusta and on the Augusta Riverwalk.

Crews are measuring the Riverwalk for the possible installation of 11 security cameras. The crew is also looking at sites in downtown Augusta for 35 more cameras. By installing the cameras, city leaders want to curb crime in the downtown district.

Members of the crew tell us that the installation could cost as much as $2 million. City officials have not voted on the surveillance cameras yet, but people we spoke with have already made up their minds.

“It's a lot of money up front. It sound like a big investment, but it probably would help with some of the muggings and crimes that we see going on,” says Brad Mills, of Augusta.

The video surveillance company tells us they should have a design and an estimate in just a few weeks.

There is also another plan to help with safety on the Riverwalk. As we reported Wednesday, the city is looking to trim and prune up to 300 trees in order to open sight lines for Riverwalk visitors. The price for this project according to the Augusta Recreation and Parks Department is more than $180,000.

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