Do You Know What You’re Really Eating?

Food Companies may be
responding to the adage that people eat with their eyes.

Dietitians say many brands have the same preservative, but entice
eaters by packaging the product to appear healthier.

Johanna Dunstan, Clinical Nutrition Manger at
Doctors Hospital says, “Anybody that's trying to sell a product is
trying to make their product seem more attractive.”

For example, companies may
place the word pure on their product, or make the snack seem healthier by
baking it. In reality, it may have the same amount of sugar, salt and added
chemicals as other snacks. Clinical Nutrition Mangers say another thing to look
out for are the cool trends, like Coconut Water.

“You might have
juices that say natural they're still from concentrate, so they're still
reintroduces beverages,” says Dunstan.

Dietitians say the main thing to check while shopping
is packaged meat. Manufactures may make it to appear healthy, in reality it's

Courtney Elledge
reporting,”I went to a local grocery store to see if that's true. I went
to the meat aisle, checked the labels, and found that a certain brand has three
different chemicals that you could be consuming. One is sodium nitrate, sodium absorbent
and caramel color. If you didn't check out these brands you would think it was
healthy, but if you do a little homework it can go a long way.”

Dietitians say checking labels are extremely
important for those who may have food allergies or diabetes. One dad learned
this the hard way with his toddler who has extreme food allergies. He learned
foods that appear healthy may not be. He says it's simply a public relations

Cosmetic touch-ups may look and smell nice,
but they have no real nutritional value. That's why dietitians say you should to try to prepare
meals yourself, this way you'll know exactly what's in them.

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