Officials Working On Design For Downtown Security Cameras

Officials Working On Design For Downtown Security Cameras (Image 1)

City leaders are taking steps to increase
security in downtown Augusta and on the Riverwalk. The plan is to put
surveillance cameras in the downtown area to prevent crimes, but what's being
planned won't come cheap.

After all the crimes that have happened in
downtown Augusta over the past several weeks, the Richmond County Sheriff's
Office began looking into security cameras for downtown. With all the talk about
the NSA looking at phone records, we asked people how they felt about big
brother watching them in downtown Augusta.

A crew
is measuring the Riverwalk for the possible installation of 11 security cameras
there. The crew is also looking at sites in downtown Augusta for 35 more
cameras. By installing the cameras, city leaders hope to curb crime in the
downtown district, but some people might not like the fact that big brother
will be watching them.

you don't have anything to worry about, why are you worried about the cameras?
If you are not committing any crimes, then you have no problem. The cameras are
out there for all our protection,” says Frank Davis of Hephzibah, GA.

“If you do something in a public space you're already
putting yourself out there to be seen, so I don't know that it's an invasion of
privacy,” says Brad Mills of Augusta, GA.

The crew
tells us that the installation could cost $500,000 to $2 million, depending on the type of cameras being used. City officials haven't
voted on the surveillance cameras yet, but the folks we spoke with have already
made up their minds.

a lot of money up front. It sound like a big investment, but it probably would
help with some of the muggings and crimes that we see going on,” says Mills.

this is a downtown area where females go and the amount of crime that
happens, I think it would be safer for girls,” says Hannah King of Evans, GA.

presence has increased in downtown Augusta over the last several weeks with the sheriff's downtown initiative plan. The sheriff wants to add more officers
there, so some people might say spending that much on cameras is
a waste.

would do a better job, but then again, we got 24/7 surveillance here with the cameras
and it doesn't cost a lot to do that. I think that would be the cheapest
option,” says Davis.

is not going to be a police officer every time there is a crime around
here,” says Rashad Carson of Augusta, GA.

officials say it's too early to talk about the security cameras, but the crew
working downtown tells us they should have a design and an estimate in a couple
of weeks.

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