Simpson Seeks Georgia’s 10th Congressional Seat

Simpson Seeks Georgia's 10th Congressional Seat (Image 1)
Simpson Seeks Georgia's 10th Congressional Seat (Image 1)

Stephen Simpson is seeking the Republican nomination for the Peach State's 10th Congressional seat. That seat is being vacated by Congressman Paul Broun.

Simpson is an Army veteran and also served as an intelligence officer. From Milledgeville – he's been working in banking since retiring from the military.  Now, he says he is ready to serve his country again.

“This is the greatest country in the world, but we got some real issues that we need to deal with,” said Simpson. “I believe that we are overtaxed, we are over regulated and over litigated. We have an IRS that is totally out of control. We need to replace our thousands of pages of tax code with the fair tax.”

Simpson ran against Broun in last year's election. The 10th congressional district election will be held in November 2014.


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