Dogwood Stables Merger; Campbell Says Still All About Aiken

Dogwood Stables, the home to this year's Belmont winner, Palace Malice, has officially announced a merger with Eclipse Thoroughbreds out of California.

Dogwood has been a fixture in Aiken, and owner Cot Campbell says that won't change.

The new name that horses will run under is Eclipse-Dogwood, and they will alternate the stables' colors each year.

Campbell says horses will still train in Aiken, and he'll still be a part of that.  This merger does not mean he's off the track:

“I feel good,” he says. “I'm a lucky man, I've had the greatest life a human being could have, it's been interesting, it's been colorful, I enjoy good health, and sometimes I wonder why I'm entitled to so much, but I'm glad to have it, believe me.”

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