Augusta Pride Festival Largest In Years

Coverage you can
count on with a countdown to a big ruling from the Supreme Court.

The court could decide on the outcome of two
same-sex marriage cases before the current term ends in a week.This has sparked debate across the country,
including here in the Central Savannah River Area.

Colorful banners
cover Broad Street.  Families hug as they
watch the gay pride parade in downtown Augusta. Some say this is a change from
the major controversy created when the festival started four years ago. But,
with grassroots efforts from city leaders there is now more acceptance. 

Lonzo Smith Augusta
Pride Board Member says, “Augusta is developing and changing. Yes the mayor was
a little comprehensive at first, but you can understand. He has to represent
the community as a hole. Once he saw and see's that this is a positive event
that represents the community as a whole, he got behind it. We appreciate and
love city leader's support.

Prideful citizens say
they're marching  for change. Section 3
of the Defense Marriage act is scheduled to be brought up in Supreme Court on
Monday; placing a deeper meaning behind the march.


Jeff Graham, Georgia
Equality Director says, “The supreme court will issue its opinion on same
sex marriage, and how the federal government currently does not recognize that.
Depending on what the Supreme Court says, we know it's going to have a huge
impact on our work here in Georgia. I don't think we'll all have marriage
equality, but it will give us an opportunity to educate the public on the fact
that love and commitment is what makes a marriage.”

Bringing the
community together, educating others and sharing their story is why  hundreds of people spend their Saturday
parading for a cause. This year many feel Augusta's gay pride festival has more
support, organization and love than before.


Laura Douglas-Brown says,”
I do think events like Augusta pride show how much change there is, even in the
south. This shows how accepting and welcome people are. We just need our laws
to catch up with the attitudes and the atmosphere of mainstream Georgians.


learn more, click here


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