Auto Repair Costs Are Up In Georgia

Auto Repair Costs Are Up In Georgia (Image 1)

Auto repair costs in 2012 were up 10% compared
to 2011. According
to the website, Georgia is the 6th most expensive state to get
your car fixed. South Carolina is the 16th most expensive state.

In 2012, the cheapest state to get your
car fixed was Vermont. The average repair cost there was $270. Last year, the average repair cost in the
state of Georgia was $385. That is more than a hundred dollar
difference. But as costs go up here
in the CSRA, there are still some ways to save.

We went
to Smith Tire Company in Augusta to find out why Georgia has some of the
highest repair costs in the nation.

would have to question that data a little bit. It depends on who is compiling
that data, but I wouldn't think that would be accurate. If I had to pick, I
wouldn't pick Georgia in the top 6. It could be, but I would be surprised if
that was right,” Owner Darren Smith says.

Smith says that states with more transportation regulations, like
required emissions tests, should be the most expensive places to get cars
fixed. Even though he doesn't agree with the data, he says repair costs have
gone up. He says that is because today cars are more sophisticated, so they are
more difficult to fix.

“Back in the 80's you had cars with no computers, then one to two
computers. Some of them now, like this Cadillac behind me has probably got
eight computers in it,” Smith says.

says that repair costs have also gone up because petroleum prices have gone up.
He says tires cost more money now and he says it also costs more money to
transport auto parts across the country.

it might seem like common sense, Smith says the best way to avoid costly
repairs is to keep up on your routine maintenance, but that isn't the only way
to save.

to an independently owned shop. Build a relationship with
someone you trust. You would be surprised at how many times we have had
customers who have come in who have been to a chain store or even a dealership. They have been quoted $1,200 or $1,300 and then
we fix the car $400 or $500,” Smith says.

says another reason repair costs could be going up is because people are
holding on to their cars a lot longer than they use to.

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