Augusta NAACP Reacts To Voting Rights Decision

The Augusta branch of the N-Double-A-C-P is blasting the Supreme Court Decision.

Doctor Charles Smith chapter President says the  concern is  that the rights of minority voters in states under the voting rights act will be harmed.

And Smith does not agree that the 48 year old law needs to be ended.

“Oh no, no not in this lifetime,  we're going to continue fight because it is important it's important for protectionism and every citizens deserves the right to vote and there should be no voter suppression laws anywhere around this country or this state that would keep you me or any other citizens from having that fundamental right our right to vote,” says Doctor Smith.

Augusta has been impacted the voting rights act. most recently last December when the justice department objected to a change in state law that would have shifted Augusta city elections from November to July.


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