Neighboring Sheriff’s Offices Don’t Include Sheriff Name on Cars

Neighboring Sheriff's Offices Don't Include Sheriff Name on Cars (Image 1)

This is the new look for the Richmond County Sheriff's Office patrol new cars, a new logo with the name Sheriff Richard Roundtree on it but it' not for everybody.

“I think it's an ego thing, more than anything else,” says Earl Johnson.

Sheriff Roundtree went on Facebook last week to show off the logo since quote “the media” is making a big deal of it. 

 “All of this is new for the citizens of Richmond County, it's been at least parts of four decades and maybe longer since a sheriff had his name on a vehicle; it is up to the sheriff to decided if he wants his name on the patrol cars some do some don't.

There's a logo on the side of Columbia County Sheriff's vehicles, but no mention of Sheriff Whittle, so what's better –no- sheriff's name on the car, like Columbia County, or on the car like Richmond County will now.

“I think it's a waste of money absolutely,” said Columbia County Resident Robert McMahon.

“I lived in Richmond County my entire life until I became an adult and I never seen a sheriff's name on the side of the car and they don't do it here either, so it would kind of bother me I think,” said Elizabeth Moss who also lives in Columbia County.

In Aiken County the Sheriff hasn't bothered to put his name on the cars, there is a Sheriff's Department logo on patrol cars but no mention of Sheriff Hunt.

Maybe he thinks he's good enough, he doesn't need to put his name on it, it would portably nice to put his name on there,” said Aiken County resident Wade Hinson, who says it wouldn't bother him if Sheriff Hunt had his name on the cars.

“I would think sheriff's name let them know who's running it,” said Tommy McCollum, who lives in Aiken County.

A lot of the feedback on putting Sheriff Roundtree's name on the patrol cars is about costs, but the company where the decals were bought says adding Roundtree's name did not increase the cost in any way.




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