Speed Interviewing Prepares Students For The Real World

City Leaders Push For Panic Button System In Rich. Co. Schools (Image 1)

You've heard of speed dating – but what about speed interviews?  In an effort to better prepare them for a job interview, Tuesday, some students in Richmond County had a chance to experience them.  Area employers met with students at A.R Johnson High School, giving them each 3 minutes to prove why they would be the best candidate for the available position.  School leaders say this is a great way to better prepare each student about the interviewing process.

“Each year the students are like 'Oh, my God, I can't believe I did so well,' because they do get evaluated once they're finished,” said Chavone Hollimon with Augusta Partnership For Children.  “So they can see exactly, were they dressed appropriately, did they speak well, did they answer questions well, and the interviewer actually gives them a score.  So it gives them kind of real life, what to expect and how they did so they can better prepare themselves in the future.”

Tuesday's exercise was part of the Richmond County High School Summer Learning Program.  This is the 3rd year they've held this event.

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