Citizens Committee For Transit Department Up For a Vote

Augusta is preparing to take steps to get more of the public involved in public transit.

It could be another change for the city bus system, as commissioners will vote Thursday on creating a Transit Citizens Advisory Committee.

The committee's role will be to provide public comment on any plans or programs for the bus system.

“I  think it's desperately needed in Augusta I do ride the busses it's my only form of transportation I think we could use a lot of improvement and provide more bus service so it would get  utilized,” said bus rider Rick Smith.

Smith says it would do the bus system good to have the public weigh in.

“Yes most definitely we're the ones riding we should have a say so,” said Smith.

According to the by-laws to be voted on Thursday, each of the 10 commissioners will appoint a member to the advisory committee with two members being appointed by the legislative delegation.

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