Kid Connection: Jillian Benfield Offers First Time Mom Tips As She Says Farewell

Kid Connection: Jillian Benfield Offers First Time Mom Tips As She Says Farewell (Image 1)

So, Kid Connection is a little personal today. When you get pregnant…you will get all sorts of advice…I found the best advice came from new moms. So, we are in Violet's right now and I'm here to give you tips that have really helped our family out these first few weeks of Violet's life.

One thing I kept hearing about was this book, “The Happiest baby on the Block.” This book teaches you how to calm fussy babies. The principle behind it is creating a womb-like experience for your infant. Here's what the book boils down to the 5 S's– swaddling, sidelaying, shooshing, swaying, and sucking– to calm your baby down.

So, after you swaddle your baby, you put them all together and it looks something like this.
Seriously, this works like magic for newborns and I don't know how we would have lived without it the first 2 months of her life.

If your baby likes to be swaddled, I would highly recommend investing in one of these. This is called a woombie– or as we like to call it, a baby straight jacket. Violet loves to be swaddled, but swaddling blankets can come undone and are not particularly safe while the baby is sleeping. This is a SIDS approved blanket that she sleeps in, and we joke around that she may be in a woombie until she's 5.

The last thing I'm going to tell you about is this book: “12 hours sleep by 12 weeks”. This book has helped us tremendously with scheduling. Basically it gets your baby to eat more every 4 hours instead of every 3 hours. Eventually you decrease nighttime feedings until there are none left. After she's done with her last feeding, we've established a bed time routine, which involves bath time, woombie, a song, and then we put her in bed awake so she learns how to fall sleep on her own. She's slept through the night for 3 weeks now since starting this book.

As you can see things are off the walls in here and we are in packing mode. This is my last story here before my hushband is stationed in Nevada. I've so enjoyed getting to do these Kid Connection stories for you. Thanks for letting me share.

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