RCBOE Proposed Budget To Be Finalized Tonight

City Leaders Push For Panic Button System In Rich. Co. Schools (Image 1)

Richmond County School
leaders will make the final decision on a budget that may result in eliminating
more than 100 positions in the school system. 
WJBF News Channel 6's Barclay Bishop explains.

100 is a number that no
school official wanted to see going into tonight's call board meeting, but the state
has cut the county's budget by 23 million dollars, and they have to do
something to meet that number. 

In the final proposed
budget , we know there are 8 furlough days, 75 teaching and principal positions
that could be cut, as well as 22 paraprofessional and 30 custodial jobs.  The question many parents are now asking is how
could these potential cuts effect their child's education?

“It's really terrible
for education, and bad news for the quality of education that students will be
receiving,” said Tim Callahan with the Professional Association of Georgia
Educators (PAGE).  “It almost will automatically
mean larger class sizes, which means it's harder for disciplinary management,
and it's harder for individualized learning attention.”

News Channel 6 went on to
ask Callahan if he thinks there is any way that significant budget cuts, such
as the one facing the RCBOE for 2013-2014, could be prevented in the future.

“What could have
prevented it is a legislature here in Georgia, which would be stepping up to
its obligations,” said Tim Callahan, with the Professional Association of
George Educators (PAGE),” said Callahan. 
“It wasn't that long ago that the funding of education was almost a
50/50 split between locals and state. And that state share has dropped down to
about 37%, last time I looked, which means more of the burden has been shifted
onto the local school districts, and it's unfair and it's unfortunate.”

We have talked with
several board members, and one tells us that he think a 9th furlough day could
help eliminate the need for these extreme cuts. 
Others say they think the cuts may still be necessary.  The called board meeting will be held tonight
at 4pm at the Richmond County Board of Education on Broad Street. 

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