Busy Agenda For The Augusta Commission

Commission To Vote On Downtown Safety Plan (Image 1)

Augusta commissioners met Thursday with several important items on the agenda.

Commissioners were set to discuss the future of the law department attorney, Andrew Mackenzie. However, Commissioner Bill Lockett pulled the “no confidence” vote from the agenda.

Before Thursday's meeting, commissioners met in a legal session to discuss Mackenzie's performance. Lockett says he believed there were reasons to fire the attorney, but now he says the problems are being resolved.

“There is a possibility it could pop back up again because, if things don't change, it will pop up again. But I'm in hopes that since we've had these issues, and so forth, that we will be able to get on a corrective course and it won't be necessary,” Commissioner Bill Lockett explained.

Also Thursday, commissioners approved the final reading of the proposal to allow law enforcement to break a window to rescue pets and children left in a hot car. City leaders say fixing the broken window would be the owner of the vehicle's responsibility. The owner could also face a fine and serve jail time.

“As long as you see certain signs, as far as a child might be lethargic, or an animal, and then it's very warm outside, which of course, we are experiencing this summer, then yes, you can break a window of a car and save that animal or child,” said Commissioner Mary Davis.

The change also allows law enforcement officers and rescue personnel to remove a child under the age of six who is left alone in a car, under any condition.

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