Concert Goers Upset After Not Getting What They Paid For

Concert Goers Upset After Not Getting What They Paid For (Image 1)

A former Dower Live production manager says he got a phone call that said “man, you won't believe what this promoter did.”

According to this former manager — who wishes to remain anonymous — Sharif King has promised to deliver gospel greats like James Fortune, Tamela Mann and Vicki Winans to the Bell Auditorium since May.

Now, Our source tells us an altercation with the manager of the auditorium about the confirming the talent and specifics of the contract changed the plan and he recorded it on his phone.

“Said agreement said that a certain amount of tickets had to be sold in order for the show to go on. I guess they asked for the fee. The promoter didn't like that,” our source explains.

They say King felt the arena manager overstepped his boundaries,  and moved the concert down the steps of Bell Auditorium, to behind the doors at Tabernacle Baptist Church late last week.
The day of the concert, the source says  King took concert goers money and took off.

I put in several calls to the number listed for King, but they were sent to a voice mailbox that was full.

Richmond County investigators say they've received one incident report against King alleging that he stole a hand held radio and left without paying for the services. And Tabernacle Baptist Church issued a statement saying its only role in the scam was leasing the building.

Our source says incidents like this could cloud the future of outsourced promotions and events here in Augusta.

“I just feel bad. I hate that it had to happen. Promoters already have a bad name in the city and there are a lot of good promoters that actually deliver what they promise,” they add.

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