Edgefield Community Hopping Mad About Floods and Frogs: Part 1

Edgefield Community Hopping Mad About Floods and Frogs: Part 1 (Image 1)

An Edgefield community is angry after weeks old floodwaters are spawning frogs.

We showed you this yard, pond, whatever you want to call it at this point.  We also helped the homeowners show it to officials from the state and the county.  When one person passed them to another, they still remained positive and said getting help wouldn't be too hard:

“Not if you open your mouth and ask questions, if this person can't help you maybe they can take you to someone who can,” Peggy Rabon said weeks ago.

Weeks later their problem has changed–it's gotten worse–and so have their feelings:

“Frustrated, aggravated,” says her husband, Eddie Woods.  “I don't like to hear, 'I can't do this, we can't do that,' you hear that from kids, not from grown men, supervisors running corporations.”

Edgefield County says they're cash strapped and don't have the resources like a pump or a mosquito truck to either clear or clean up the water.  Their only suggestion:

“They said it's the one in 100 year storm,” Woods says. “Damn it's rained here every day since then, they told me to wait until it evaporates, sh-t, I'll be in my grave by then.”

To try to help the county called the state: DOT came out to look at what to do moving forward and to DHEC's credit they came out, but say they can't get the mosquitoes, tadpoles, snakes, or frogs out:

“They say they only work with water, but it's rain water,” he says.  “It's storm water, water is water dammit, it all holds diseases, enough is enough.”

He can say enough is enough, but this is far from over:

“People made fun of me because I said tadpoles lead to frogs and it's happening. The business has to close because he's overrun with frogs.

So how do you go about fighting frogs…thousands of them.  See Part 2 to find out.

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