Edgefield Community Hopping Mad About Floods and Frogs: Part 2

Edgefield Community Hopping Mad About Floods and Frogs: Part 2 (Image 1)

Part 2 about an Edgefield community facing flooding, now frogs:

Imagine finding this when you walk into work:

“I walked in the office area and saw four or five frogs,” Jiggie Mackinnon says, “then I opened the shop door and I couldn't see my floor through the frogs. Two to three million of them. I probably stepped on a thousand to walk 100 yards to turn my lights on.”

So, he hopped into action.

“We fought all day long to blow em out of here, never saw anything like 'em in my life. We had to sweep, blow, shovel”

Jiggie usually spends his days fixing things, but today he's fighting frogs:

“I'm losing work,” he says. “I've got six cars to work on, I ain't got time to work on 'em because we're fighting frogs.”

He did try to work:

“I laid here in the floor doing the clutch, I had my shirt, every time I would roll over I'd land on a frog and kill it, I had to throw it away, they were crawling up my pants legs, in my hair.”

You're seeing the shop after he cleaned it, even then there was a second clean-up with three five gallon buckets full of frogs.  Another workplace is up Edgefield Road, but apparently the frogs found a shortcut:

“I never had a news lady stop by to ask me about frogs,” says Tim Crane, who works at another local business.

But when we did–he felt relieved:

“We're not the only ones,” he says, “we got to work with a few thousand on our yard, coming through the building.

Jiggie says he's at a loss:

“If it keeps up like this, I'm gonna have to close,” he says, they start smelling and jumping in the water and drowning.”

Well here's a suggestion-just not a serious one:

“We could scoop em up and take them to Old Maconalds and sell them for frog legs,” Crane says.

WJBF will continue to work with this community, calling DHEC and other state agencies to find a serious fix.

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