What’s So Scary Outside Col Co Sheriff’s Office Substation

What's So Scary Outside Col Co Sheriff's Office Substation (Image 1)

If you ask what's happening at the Columbia County Sheriff's Office Substation at the Government Complex this is the answer it will solicit.

“It's scary, and they attack you,” says Paula Hendrix, the Administrative Assistant.

Wait, attacks at the substation.

“They've gotten my hair before” she said

 “You've been struck by them?”

 “Yes sir “she said.

Them are these birds, swallows I think, that made a nest at the substation.

Anybody could come here for a variety of reasons standing around and minding their  own business only to come under assault from dive bombing nest protecting winged provocateurs.

“They dive down come right towards your face and you have to duck,” says Hendrix.

Super aggressive birds attacking humans seems I've seen this movie before.

“You remember the movie don't you, said a man leaving the substation.

What movie are you referring to?

“The Birds,” I've got to go it might be happening,” he said pulling out in his truck.

A substation is a place to come to fill out police reports should we really be having bird assaults going on outside?

“We've had some people come in to get reports and they wanted to make a report on that  they've been attacked by the birds,” says Hendrix.

I guess they're just trying to protect their home and that's understandable, but birds one more swooping time with the dive bombs and you're going to be out there somewhere.

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