More Potential Fraud Victims in SC

More Potential Fraud Victims in SC (Image 1)
More Potential Fraud Victims in SC (Image 1)

Thousands more South Carolinians could be victims of identity theft tonight.

A faculty laptop containing student information was stolen at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. The computer was used for student testing and might have had up to 6300 students' personal information on it.

According to USC spokesman Wes Hickman, the university has sent each student a letter to inform them and is giving them a free year of credit fraud services.

“We have an initiative right now called 'Secure Carolina.' We're spending several million dollars to go through the steps that we need to do to help protect data, protect physical property, as well as data that may be stored on computers and servers and things like that.”

USC has had seven security breaches in the last seven years. That new security program goes into place next year.

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