DJJ Releases Tip Line to Reduce Sexual Assaults on Inmates

DJJ Releases Tip Line to Reduce Sexual Assaults on Inmates (Image 1)

The Department of Juvenile
Justice has a set up a tip line to report sexual misconduct at youth detention

Georgia has some of the highest
rates of sexual abuse in the juvenile detention centers in the country,
including the Augusta YDC.

You can report any illegal or unethical activities on the DJJ's
website and you can remain anonymous.


– GA) 
Commissioner Avery D. Niles publicly pledged again today that the Department of
Juvenile Justice will continue to maintain a Zero Tolerance policy against
sexual misconduct violations at Georgia's juvenile detention centers.  His
renewed pledge follows the recent release of a federal survey which alleges
that Georgia has some of the highest rates of sexual abuse in juvenile
detention centers in the nation.

Niles said that even while his agency is in the middle of his own “top to
bottom” internal inquiry to determine why some investigators did not complete
all their assigned cases last year, he wants “ reassure Georgia parents that
we remain dedicated to our goal to ensure a sexually safe environment for the
youth in our custody.”

focus more attention on safe day- to- day juvenile justice operations, the
Commissioner is now encouraging assistance from public partners.  “We want
the public to report what they know about department misconduct by using our
innovative agency TIP-Line,” said Commissioner Niles. “It's available to
anyone, anytime.”

DJJ TIP-Line was designed by Intelligence Analysts as an anonymous reporting system
to encourage the flow of critical information from concerned DJJ staff and
youth offenders.

Analysts confirm useful information from anonymous tips and refer it for
investigation and when appropriate for prosecution.  The system is devised
so that tips submitted online will remain confidential. But concerned citizens
who want to establish in-depth whistleblower discussions with investigators can
opt to include their contact information for follow-up.

with information to share about illegal, unethical or dangerous activities
inside Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice facilities, can access the TIP
Forms on the DJJ website at these  links:

TIP-Line was set up to provide another channel for reporting sexual abuse,
sexual harassment, staff misconduct and policy violations,” said Commissioner
Niles. “Information shared on the DJJ TIP-Line can include the names of victims
and identify their alleged assailants, so the TIP-Line can actually result in
arrests and prosecutions.” 

it's inside or outside our secure facilities we want youth in all our programs
to use the TIP-Line to speak up and say ‘NO' to sexual abuse,” said Commissioner
Niles. “We want to make sure our residents are never intimidated about seeking
help if they ever encounter abuse.” 

also want our DJJ Staff statewide to know we're listening in the Commissioner's
Office.  If our staff or public partners have something important to
report and they want to keep it anonymous, all they have to do is fill out the
email form on the TIP-Line site,” said Commissioner Niles.  “A single tip
of confidential information about potential gang activity, contraband
smuggling, or unlawful policy violations can have a positive impact on our
safety and security, prevent an injury or even save a life,” said Niles.

TIP-Line is another essential security tool we're using to make this agency one
of the best in the nation,” said Commissioner Niles. “We encourage anyone who
sees something to say something to help safeguard our youth and

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