City Leaders Push For Panic Button System In Rich. Co. Schools

City Leaders Push For Panic Button System In Rich. Co. Schools (Image 1)

Congressman John Barrow is introducing new
legislation that would increase school security.  The new technology would act as a panic
button system.  This means that if an
intruder barged into a classroom, teachers or students could press a panic
button and deputies could arrive to the scene as soon as possible. 

Monday, Sheriff Richard Roundtree and Major
Scott Peebles of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office, joined Congressman
Barrow in a press conference to announce the need for the program.  They say technology like this is even more
important after seeing what happened in Newtown, Connecticut.  Some states and government leaders already
have a panic button system in place.  And
while officials say it's time for Richmond County to get one as well, it will
take an act of congress to make it happen.

“What I introduced last
week is technology that would bring back that program, and specifically include
as an authorized subject of the legislation technology that would enable the
school system to respond and bring emergency responder into the class room
immediately upon a call for help. Basically panic button technology,” said
Congressman John Barrow.

This grant would pay for
nearly all costs associated with the program. Congressman Barrow says on
average is around $30 million to operate. The National Sheriff's Association is
also working to get this passed in the House.

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