Man Dies After Being Tased; Did Deputies Follow Policy?

Man Dies After Being Tased; Did Deputies Follow Policy? (Image 1)

According to an incident report, two Richmond County deputies attempted to apprehend 40-year old George Harvey on 8:00 p.m. Saturday night.

The incident happened at the corner of Olive Road and Gordon Highway.

They say this case in the hands of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and until autopsy results are released– they're staying mum.

Although initial reports say two deputies were at the scene, they ensure only one tased George Harvey before he was transported to Georgia Regents Medical Center from cardiac arrest.

This is what 50,000 volts of electricity look and sound like when you're getting tased.

It causes the muscles in your body– including your heart to contract…something the Richmond County Road Patrol Unit have all experienced.

Richmond County office of professionals and training Sergeant, Donnie Chavis  Says, “They actually had to be exposed and energized by the taser.”

Although it's not advised, the rules in Georgia state that police can tase their suspect as many times as needed in a life threatening situation. Each hit will last a total of 5 seconds.

Donnie Chavis says, “Once you pull the trigger, and the darts actually deeply from the cartilage and they go wherever you just aimed at.”

Saturday night, the trigger was aimed at 40-year-old George Harvey. Witnesses say the story to his death isn't adding up.

Courtney Elledge reporting, “Multiple witnesses say George Harvey was tased three times, by three different deputies before suffering cardiac arrest. In this back parking lot. The Richmond County deputies say that's not the case, they say he was tased one time by one deputy.”

Why he was tased in the first place is something that remains unsolved..The Richmond County Sheriff's Office could not answer our questions at this time.

Sergeant Michael McDaniel says, “The reason is, once one of our deputies is involved in a situation that results in a loss of a life. We'll notify an outside agency. That's the GBI. Once they come in, they'll collect all of their evidence.”

Sgt. McDaniel says in this case, the sheriff's office did not break any protocols. Although the deputies name is not being released he says no laws were broken.

Courtney Elledge reporting, “You can ensure and look us in the eye and say that Richmond County Sheriff's Office did nothing wrong in this case?

“I can't elaborate on that, but the way it looks to me– everything was followed appropriately,” says Sgt. McDaniel.

We put a call into the GBI to get answers on this case—so far, they haven't returned our phone calls.

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