Richmond County Teacher Speaks Out; Suffering From Budget Cuts

We kept you updated on Richmond County's budget cuts. By adding an extra furlough day school leaders say they were able to save numerous jobs. Now only 36-positions will be cut from the school system… and students will not have larger class sizes this fall.

great deal for teachers–contract negation 101 says know what you're signing, but News Channel 6's Courtney Elledge sat down for an exclusive interview with a Richmond County teacher, and they say on that front the budget gets an F.

“I know I had no choice, I have to be able to provide for my family,” explains a Richmond County School teacher.

A Richmond County School teacher has been doing what she loves for more than 20 years.

This teacher has gone so far as paying for half the supplies in her classroom to be sure -her- kids get the best education possible.

A Richmond County school teacher says, “They bless me as much as I bless them.  And watching their eyes light up when they get it, it's magical.”

Scared to reveal her identity in fear of losing her job, this seasoned school teacher came to our studios in hopes of getting help after Richmond County announced their final budget cut decision. She says the nine unpaid days of work will make it difficult to provide for her family.

An anonymous teacher says, “We haven't taken a family vacation since the mid 2000's. I can't afford to go to the beach for a weekend. My son is on reduced lunch. I have a master's degree with student loans that I can't pay back.”

Last week, she says matter became worse  when she was asked to sign her contract for the 2014 school year.  She says she was blind sided. As you can see here, the contract she was asked to sign by three weeks does not list a salary or days she'll be working.   She says the contract promises nothing.

“Teachers are supposed to work 190 days a year. My contract in the past has specified, 190 days, x amount of money, and that's gone.  I now sign a contract that doesn't tell me how many days I'm going to work or how much money I'm going to make,” says a Richmond County teacher.

Fearful to submit the contract, she feels like she had no choice but to stay in the Richmond County school system because she says most counties in the Central Savannah River Area have already filled their positions.

A Richmond County teacher says, “I Understand cuts have to be made. I would ask Dr. Roberson and all of the board members to please look at things that do not directly affect my ability to teach my children. And to give my children everything they need to be competitive in the world.

The first furlough day will be Monday, July 8.  All central offices at the board of education will be closed.

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