Attacked By A Wild Animal, Local Man Sends Warning To Others

Attacked By A Wild Animal, Local Man Sends Warning To Others (Image 1)

A morning run turned into a very scary situation for one local man
when he was attacked by a wild animal in his neighborhood.  WJBF News Channel 6's Barclay Bishop has

Kent Posey has just finished up his series of rabies shots after
he says he was bit by either a coyote or gray fox, along Scotts Way in
Augusta.  Thankfully his neighbor saw it
all unfold and he was able to get to a hospital right away.  But how it all happened is the scary part.

“I was running up the hill on the left side of this road and
there was a dog, well I thought it was a dog, coming down the street towards
me,” said Kent Posey as he describes how he says he was attacked by a wild
animal.  “And he actually went around
towards the left side, or towards the right side, I'm sorry, across the
road.  I hear him growling and I look
back and he's on my left side, and as I look down to see him growling at me, he
lunges towards me and bites me and I guess the top teeth got into me and ripped
into me.”

“The morning I was running I had just passed by the creek and
there were a couple of small children playing at the creek, so thankfully I
guess maybe the coyote before he got to them,” said Posey.  “But it is concerning.  I would say just be on the watch for
anything, even if it appears to be a dog just be careful, and be very wary of
any animal that comes up to you and don't automatically assume it's a dog from
the neighborhood that might be friendly.”

No sightings have been made of the wild animal since the incident
happened.  We talked with the Department
of Natural Resources and they say that this is the time when you may start
seeing these wild animals in the daytime because they're looking for food for
their young. The most important thing to do is to make sure you don't approach
them, and clean up all of your food from your deck or outside area to keep them
at bay. 

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