Gas Prices Go Down, Food Prices Go Up

Gas Prices Go Down, Food Prices Go Up (Image 1)

Gwendolyn Sampson of
Augusta says, “Well ya know you
gotta ride and you gotta eat so you just deal with it, gotta cut back some

The 4th of July is almost
here and gas prices have come down just in time for the Holiday.

Pandora Angelisanti of Martinez, GA says, “I'm retired and I
don't have to go out all the time, but people have to travel long distances
especially if they go to Savannah River Site to go to work and they need a

I found prices for a
gallon of gas between 3-19 and 3-29 in Georgia.

Over the River into South
Carolina prices were much lower, down below 3 dollars for the first time in a
while. That's between 20 and 30 cents cheaper just for driving a couple of
miles over the state line.

But as gas goes down, food
is going up…

Richard Volpe, Economist at the USDA says, “Yes, we have seen
food prices trend up and one of the major reasons for that has been the drought
in the Midwest in the Summer of 2012.”

Poultry is up 5.6% from a
year ago. Volpe says that's as high as it gets for an increase.

“So are fresh
vegetable prices and fresh fruit prices. These are all commodities that are
going to be hit by further inflation down the road if we have adverse weather
conditions in places like the Southeast,” said Volpe.

With higher prices at
grocery stores compared to last year, Augustans are cutting back.

Rick Wood of Augusta says, “I try and buy meat
when it's on sale, whether it's pork or beef. We are gonna have bbq'ed pork for
the 4th and looking forward to it.”

Nicole Price is not happy
about the sudden rise in her grocery bill.


“It's terrible!” said Price.

And Pandora Angelisanti
says times are tough.

“I only have myself
to take care of, but there are people with families and it's very difficult for
them,” said Angelisanti.

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