It’s Time to Get Your S*** Together

Reducing Car Repair Costs (Image 1)

After the crash that changed her life, a Seattle woman has started a website to help other people prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

You can't say the full name of the website on TV.

Elissa Jaffe explains the site is all about getting your…act together.

Jose Hernando was a silly loving dad and husband, an avid racing cyclist who went for a ride in Seattle's Seward Park around this hour, four years ago this month.

That's when his wife got the call.

“They were surprised he made it to the hospital alive, because his injuries were so severe.”

A van plowed into Chanel Reynolds' husband.

He died a week later.

“I was standing in the ICU, and we had only been there for a day, and I turned to my friend and said to her, 'Oh, my God. I don't have my s*** together at all.'”

Reynolds brain buzzed with all the things she didn't know or have: passwords, documents, account details.

“We had a life insurance policy that was very, very helpful but outdated. we had no emergency funds. we had a will and a living will that were drafted but not signed.”

Reynolds launched a website to help others one accident or illness away from financial despair.

“Writing down details for accounts and passwords would have saved me if not tens of hours, maybe hundreds of hours trying to track stuff down.”

She calls it GetYourS***

“It was really terrifying thought not to know what was going to happen and realize I didn't have my s*** together at all.”

Thousands have downloaded the documents and checklist Reynolds wishes she'd had before her husband's death. Is she a financial expert?

No, but the financial lessons she learned about life and death could save you from a lot of s***.

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