Molly Strikes Again

New Robot Helps Stroke Survivors Walk Again (Image 1)

One person died and more
than 100 people were hospitalized after apparently over-dosing on drugs during
a music festival in Quincy, Washington.

Officials said someone was
peddling a drug promoted  as ecstasy, but
it was actually “Molly,” a powerful form of ecstasy sometimes mixed
with other drugs.

of the people who took the drug overdosed, and local hospitals were overwhelmed
with patients.

Sarina Fahrner, the chief nursing officer at Quincy Valley
Medical Center, said the hospital treated more than 100 overdose patients from
the concert, all of whom took the drug Molly.

“When you have cocaine and LSD and meth all mixed together,
it just does terrible things to your body,” she said. “Your heart
doesn't tolerate it very well, your breathing does not tolerate it very

She said the overdose patients ranged in age from 18 to 26
years old.

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