Community Donations Needed To Give Local Wounded Vet A Service Dog

Community Donations Needed To Give Local Wounded Vet A Service Dog (Image 1)

A foundation in Iowa is trying to help a local wounded veteran, but they need your help to do it.

The Puppy Jake Foundation trains therapy dogs for vets who have battle scars we may not see.  The program is one that can change a veteran's life forever, which is why a group in Augusta has taken it upon themselves to hold a race, in hopes of raising enough money to match a service dog with a wounded Augusta veteran.

The Puppy Jake Run will raise money to go to the Foundation, and in turn, the foundation will be able to purchase a dog, train the dog, and then match him or her up with a veteran in Augusta.  The injuries from the veteran can be physical or mental.  But the training for these dogs is so immense that it costs $20, 00 per dog, a price that organizers hope the Augusta community can help them reach.

“Our Augusta goal for July 6th is to raise $10,000,” said Heather DiCicco, Lead Organizer of the Puppy Jake Run.  “We hope that the group in Iowa will match $10,000 and that $20,000 will come together for our Augusta veteran.  Anytime we've done something like this I'm always surprised and amazed at how Augusta turns out in support. This is a huge patriotic event and I'm very hopeful and optimistic that we'll reach our goal.”

“I don't even think I could fathom how awesome it would be,” continues DiCicco.  “These dogs are trained to be service dogs for both emotional, mental, and physical ailments.  It could be someone with PTSD, this now becomes their buddy.  So I don't really understand what frame of mind they're in to be going through PTSD or mobility issues, but then to be given this dog that's trained to be their friend and therapy for them, I can only imagine how awesome it would feel.”

The Puppy Jake Run is this Saturday, July 6th at 8am at The Augusta Market.  Click here to register and learn more about the Foundation and Run. 

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