Fireworks Fun: What’s Legal in GA vs. What’s Legal in SC

Fireworks Fun: What’s Legal in GA vs. What’s Legal in SC (Image 1)

We all know the 4th
of July is tomorrow and many of you will be purchasing fireworks if you haven't
already done so.

But for those living close
to the Georgia – South Carolina border, what's legal and what's not?

Sheila Parker has details.

There are some big differences between
the states of Georgia and South Carolina – regarding what fireworks are legally

In the State of Georgia basically you
can not have a big pyrotechnic device that has an airborne projectile or has a
report or explosion.

Only the ones allowed here should be
sold in local retailers – but what if you're shopping across the bridge?

The City of Savannah Fire Marshal says
the labeling should be clear…a small sticker that reads “safe and
sane” should be on those considered legal in Georgia…but that's not all.

He says, “Basically, the fireworks
that you can get in Georgia – the labeling is different, you can see that the
packaging in particular is labeled very clearly – caution – very clearly marked
safe and sane.”

If the package reads
“warning”, rather than “caution” – that's something that
may be legal in South Carolina – but is not allowed in Georgia.

“The items that you can easily
purchase by driving cross the bridge into South Carolina can get you into
trouble legally in the State of Georgia – they do emit fireballs like this
roman candle, they do have airborne objects that can fly a great distance and
ignite other combustible materials.”

The sale and use of illegal fireworks
in Georgia is punishable by a maximum fine of up to 1-thousand dollars and up
to one year in jail.

But authorities say using any
fireworks – even the ones legally allowed here – come with risks.

“They can still cause burns – if you
handle them, if you pick them up.

They can ignite your clothing, they
will emit showers of sparks that can injure your eyes – they can burn your

Though there are fewer
restrictions, not all fireworks are legal in South Carolina.


Large explosive
firecrackers like M-80s and Cherry Bombs *are* illegal.

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