Troopers Say It Could Be You: Staying Safe in Holiday Traffic

Troopers Say It Could Be You: Staying Safe in Holiday Traffic (Image 1)

“On a holiday like the Fourth of July, it's all hands on deck,” says Captain Allen Marlow.

Troopers say this holiday weekend they're fired up and on the road –

“From the colonel down to the newest trooper straight out of trooper school will be patrolling,” he says.

And they say you should listen up because they're talking to you.

“There will be someone that hears this message and they think, 'They told us not to drink and drive, to slow down, get enough rest, it's not going to be me,” Lieutenant Lewis Blanchard says, “and it's going to be them and they're going to be impacted.”

Sherri Willard won't be watching this story to hear those words – she's in the middle of a 10 hour trip to the North Carolina coast with her grand kids –  that said, you'd think she heard that officer's advice, because it looks like she's  doing everything right.  She already hit heavy rain.

“It was pouring rain when we left Atlanta, pouring rain that was not fun,” Willard says.

But she was able to take her time – that's a key safety tip:

“We got all the time in the world today, we left early enough,” she says.

But she's running on a lot of rest.  And she built enough time to stop and rest, and keep her troop well-fed and well-hydrated while on the road.  She knows all drivers might not be so careful.

“We're being cautious, everybody's seat belted, the lights are on,” she says.

Seatbelts those are important.

“When doing DUI we'll be checking for safety seats as well,” Marlow says.

Even for the littlest ones who don't like them very much at all

“She doesn't like her car seat but she's doing well,” new mom Althea Hubbard says of six week old baby Leah who is on her first Fourth of July road trip.

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