What’s Trending at 5:30

What's Trending at 5:30 (Image 1)

Time for what's trending at 5:30…

Talk about getting your order wrong. In Kentwood, Michigan, three people found something else in their taco bell bag besides burritos and chalupas.
They found 36-hundred dollars in cash.
After counting it, they decided to turn it in….rather than fell guilty later.
Store manager broke down in tears when they brought it back.

Yoga classes are now part of the curriculum in one California school system, by order of a judge.
The National Center for Law and Policy sued the district for parents who say ashtanga yoga is religious in nature and that opting out costs students physical education time.
They want the yoga program ended.
A judge says the 30-minute yoga classes emphasize: respect, proper breathing and posture….and he says there's nothing religious about that.
The program is funded by a 500-thousand-dollar grant that promotes ashtanga yoga.
Yoga dates back to 15-hundred B.C. and has its roots in Hinduism.

I spent time with mine this past weekend….now a new law in beijing, makes it a crime if you don't.
Requires the adult children of parents older than 60 to visit their aging parents “frequently”.
They must also make sure their parents' financial and spiritual needs are met.
China has an estimated 185 million people older than 60, and many are dependent upon their children for financial support.
Elderly abuse is on the rise.
The new law allows parents to sue negligent children, but does not specify other penalties.
In Hawthorne, California, police shot and killed a man's best friend….and now its stirring up controversy.
The dog's owner and several witnesses say the officer could have tased the dog or shot it only once, but the hawthorne p-d says the officer acted in self-defense.
The rottweiler jumped out of the owners car window as police were arresting him.
Dog owner on his way home from the dog park saw a disturbance and police were there.
Dog's owner says he was trying to make sure police weren't violating anyone's civil rights. the 52 year old has six complaints against hawthorne P.D. and has even filed a lawsuit alleging officers broke his rib. He says one of the men named in the suit spotted him at the scene.
The dog's owner was arrested for obstruction of justice because he was playing loud music, walking a large dog and getting too close to officers.

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