YHT Washington: Jolly Rompers

YHT Washington: Jolly Rompers (Image 1)
YHT Washington: Jolly Rompers (Image 1)

Thousands of people turn to a company here in Washington, Georgia to buy children's clothes.

The company called “Jolly Rompers” was started by a mother who was frustrated with the lack of traditional clothes when her sons were little. 

Joan Bowen started “Jolly Rompers” nine years ago in a spare bedroom.

Now.. The company is in its own building on the family's land and has four full time employees.

It's an internet based business that creates items like rompers, smocked dresses and monogramming. They are purchased by people from around the world.

“We have such a classic look you would not really think that we would ship worldwide. You would think we would be more in just the southeast but we ship to Palm Beach, Florida, we ship to New York City, California.”

The company also has a private collection called ” Timeless Tots” which includes Washington, Georgia on the label.

Jolly Rompers and Timeless Tots always offer free shipping. For more about the company and to buy clothes, go to www.jollyrompers.com

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