YHT Washington: Pillow Factory

YHT Washington: Pillow Factory (Image 1)

With precision and fine tooth metal combs, big machines are sowing a seed that has proven to be a cash crop for a big company with this small plant in Wilkes County.

“There's a pretty good chance if you're buying a pillow out of the store it's a Hollander product,” says Plant Manager Herb Jones. 

For 40 years, Hollander Home Fashions has run this factory just outside Washington, Georgia. Although located within a farming community, it has become a major producer of full time jobs in the area. In fact, the plant employs more than one hundred people. Jones explains, “we have great employees they are from the local area.”

Jones says this is one of nine facilities owned by the company. At the Wilkes County facility, workers produce nearly 35,000 pillows a day and more than 200,000 a week.

“It's a polyester filled pillow and we fill various sizes from a six ounce pillow all the way up to a forty four ounce full body pillow,” says Jones. They are part of a crop that is harvested and shipped across the country then sold in major retailers under a variety of brands. “Not only in this facility but in all our plants we serve major customers such as Costco, Bed, Bath and Beyond, JC Penney, Sears, Ross.”

Much of that crop of pillows is yielded from a field of hard work and heavy machines that have been planted thousands of miles away in Wilkes County. “This is something that will always be a staple part of our community as U.S. citizens and that's going to be something that is manufactured here.”

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