YHT Washington: Tink’s Beef

YHT Washington: Tink's Beef (Image 1)

For more than one hundred years, cattle have been a part of Tink Wade's family. In fact, her Grandparents had the first USDA slaughterhouse. But, what started as a way to make a living would eventually save her life after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Owner Tink Wade says, “I would take a gallon ziplock bag full of pills around with me and I took sixteen to eighteen pills three times a day.  Then I was taking one show once a week and then they switched me to a shot that was everyday.  Then, I finally said, “I'm not doing this anymore.”

Wade says instead of turning to bottles of pills, she turned to her bovine for help. She changed their diets to include only grass. After cutting out growth hormones, pesticides and grain the family says their business actually grew.  Wade's son, Mack, explains, “we process around eight calves a month.  Sometimes a little more, some times a little less and we're selling out of it as fast as we can process it.”

The family has taken their business from the fields to Facebook growing a fan base of followers. Many tout Tink's Beef for changing their lives and putting illnesses out to pasture. “It's really awesome to go to these farmer's markets and you meet people and they say “thank you for what you do it's changed us, our lifestyle so much we feel so much better,” says Mack Wade.

The Wade family credits these cows with a herd of benefits. Namely, giving them back a mother who was being taken away by a potentially deadly disease.  Wade's daughter, Carissa Smith, tearfully says “not even being able to walk or do the things a normal person would do with her kids.  To see that turn around has been incredible. I have my Mom back!”

While Tink Wade is a small woman, she's on a big mission to save lives. She's doing it with a seed planted by her Grandparents that has now taken root in Wilkes County and spreading one cow at a time. “For the most part I give it to those guys that just walked away from us,” says Tink Wade. 

The farm's meat is sold in the CSRA through Augusta Locally Grown and the Evans Town Market.They also sell pork.  For more information go to www.tinksbeef.com

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