Dirt Road Disaster: Rural Flooding

Dirt Road Disaster: Rural Flooding (Image 1)

One Glascock County family says flooding was so bad Tuesday night that they had to have sheriff's deputies evacuate their children.

What they're most upset about:  They say county construction caused that flood.

“She's crying, she's like, 'Miss Barbara, my children, the road's flooding, there's so much water I can't get to them.'”

Glascock County commissioner Barbara Hadden says Rosie Allen was supposed turn up on this week's agenda; instead, she turned up in tears, after the meeting.  Allen was going to complain about the continuing construction on the dirt road in front of her home:  Instead, sheriff's deputies had to help her evacuate that home because the muddy road was flooding:

“I'm extremely ill about that situation, if it were a running open road and mother nature did it, it'd be one thing, but it's been under construction for way way too long,” Allen says.

The family had to stay in a hotel until the flooding went down because the sheriff's office said it was bad enough that their vehicles couldn't get in in an emergency. Neighbors say the road did not flood until the county started construction a year ago to decrease the slope – that's a decision everyone seems to wish they could undo:

“He came to us and said if he had any idea what a mess this was going to be he wouldn't have done this,” Hadden says.

“If it's not broken, don't fix it, leave the road like it is,” neighbor Barbara Bazemore says.

“Up the road is a disaster, they cut the earth down they brought in earth to fill the gaps, it's done nothing but wash down,” Allen says.

The commissioner we spoke with says she's fighting to find a fix, but there's one and hoping she can move faster than the next rainwaters.

“Government moves slower than I would like it to move, than Rosie would like it to move, but I'm not going to point a finger, it's just more rain than we've had,” Hadden says.

Thursday the water was a small trickle through the construction zone – but that's without rain for a few days, and the rains are on the way.

“That right there, Ashley, that's going to start making a freaking mess,” Allen pointed out as construction workers scraped the road.  “They're fixing to scrape it and it's going to look like a beautiful road, what's going to happen when the rains come down tonight, all that mud is going to come into my yard and onto the paved road and cause a hazard.”

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