Holiday Strands Bus Riders

Holiday Strands Bus Riders (Image 1)

A holiday closing is leaving Augusta's bus riders stranded

William Carpenter is a regular bus rider but on this Fourth of July there was no service, all city busses were parked even though a private company is running public transit.

Carpenter didn't feel like buses should have the day off.

“It's pretty important I have to get around today is not that big of a holiday it's not like Christmas or thanksgiving they could have run a limited route to get us around a little bit,” said Carpenter sitting at the Transfer Station on Broad Street.

Public transit is not the only city service taking the day off, there was also no garbage pick up today.

Those with Thursday pick up will get service Friday. Friday customers will have to wait until Saturday.

In June trash pickup went to just one day a week.

That means Friday and Saturday customers will have an eight day wait to get their trash bins empties.

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