Low Interest Rates + More Jobs = Growth in Augusta Home Sales

Low Interest Rates + More Jobs = Growth in Augusta Home Sales (Image 1)

Real estate agents are waiting to see if an increase in mortgage rates will slow down home sales.

But over the last few months, lower rates have prompted a boom in the housing market.

Locally, realtors say if you're house hunting, it's still a great time to buy.

Here in the CSRA Sales are up 7-percent compared to last year.

Some areas like Evans have seen an increase of nearly 20-percent in home sales.

The Bloomer's are back house hunting – shopping for a new home in Columbia County.

“I am looking at a house that can accommodate empty nesters, and our aging parents to live with us,” said Doris Bloomer.

As a buyer, you are in the driver's seat, you have low interest rates, you can negotiate, you can get extras,” said Harry Bloomer.

Realtors say home sales are up thanks to a combination of low interest rates and more jobs.

Agents say Columbia County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, and sees a lot of sales thanks to Fort Gordon.

“Location, schools, condition and price – it's all about those 4 things,” said realtor for Keller Williams, Barbara Crenshaw.

“I look at the size of the house, the lot, if it's a new construction, how it is decorated,” said Doris Bloomer.

“Buying your home is like ordering a cheeseburger. You want lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, no mustard, lots of ketchup and no pickles. It's just like buying a home – you want 3 bedrooms, an office, all bedrooms on one floor, a good school system,” said Crenshaw.

Realtors say summer is the peak time for home sales because many people want to move in before school starts. But for the Bloomers, they say they're not in any rush – as long as they find the right fit.

“I am looking for everything on the main level for my husband and myself,” said Doris Bloomer.

“Main thing is will my wife be happy? Happy wife = happy life,” said Harry Bloomer.

 “I think it's a great market – there's a lot available and a lot of choices,” said Doris Bloomer.

Here are some websites that could help narrow down your search – check out zillow.com and homefinder.com

Another website, neighborhoudscout.com, even classifies which areas are safer, and which ones have the betters schools based on zipcode.


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